Justin Norvell

Sales, Business Development, Operations

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

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About Justin

I have most of my experience in sales, management and business development with a background in engineering.

I cofounded a small successful business in the US 8 years ago and I am looking to try my hands at it again.

This time I am embarking on a journey to start a bespoke clothing business that uses technology and innovation rather than tradition. I had an idea, created a business plan, tested every part of it, recreated the business plan a dozen times and finally just created my first product. Now I am looking to officially startup the business.

I am looking for a complementary cofounder that shares my vision and will contribute through both effort and financially as I do.


Measure twice, cut once - N/A


Sales, Strategy and Business Development


Georgia Institute of Technology

Electrical Engineering

2003 - 2008