Justin Parson

Houston, Texas, US

Creative and unique is my default setting.
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Product Management

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Founded 1 startup

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Hi my name is Justin Parson and I'm 31 years old living in the Houston area. I have a fitness brand, Flex School LLC, that coordinates connecting clients with trainers in the Houston area. I recently launched a whole food protein shake ((PATENT PENDING)) and am in talks with local retailers to get it in stores.

I have had personal experience with nutrition supplements and health & fitness for over 15 years, starting even before then in little league sports. I am a mechanical engineer by degree, and the only hobby I've had besides practicing health and fitness has been turning ideas into tangibles. In my last venture of scale, I co-founded a tournament business in Indianapolis. Elite Gaming is going strong and steady since 2009, although I am not a member.

I have invested the start up capital for product development, packaging design, and intellectual property. The IP includes a trademark and a provisional patent submission for the manufacturing process. I also have the structure for a family and friends round of funding.

I manufacture the product with my wife in a commercial kitchen, with the appropriate licenses and etc.

We are at the stage now in which we are shopping the product around to local Smoothie/Nutrition retailers such as PumpD Nutrition, Smoothie Factory and Smoothie King, as well as health food stores.

Visit Flextoshow.com for more information or email contactflexschool@gmail.com

If you or anyone you know has an interest in participating in this venture, please contact me immediately. I am immediately looking for a business advisor/mentor and possibly a partner.




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Work Experience

Design/Manufacturing engineer

Jetstream of Houston

April 2011 - Today

I create BOMS, change/update/create new equipment, and support assembly or high pressure waterblasting equipment.


Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

2007 - 2007


Certified Texas Food Manager

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