Justin Sherratt

New York, New York, US

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Product Management

About Justin

I have a launched product that I am pivoting but had a major setback last year when we ran into legal trouble with a much larger company. When the dust cleared after many months we had to scale back completely to myself and freelancers. I have tech partners, but no one dedicated, the one person I had brought on after product launch (and techcrunch coverage left in the midst of the legal issue) We moved past the legal issue and am now looking for a tech partner. I also have learned to code quite a bit myself, however I can't do all of it by myself for obvious reasons. I'm not looking for a coder, we can find coders, I want a smart technologist who I can partner with and take @sortbox to the next level. Attached is the second place winning pitch from Founder Showcase in fall of 2012.