Justin Skinner

Dallas, Texas, US

Justin's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Justin

Hey future CTO, if you're serious about changing the world, creating awesome technology, & exiting with millions in your pocket, be sure to read this fully before messaging me.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, with a focus on Marketing & Business Development. When I see a market need, I'm able to fill it & bring the customers pouring in. Whether it be something as simple as an info product, logistically challenging such as an apparel company, or as complex as a SaaS, I can build a business around it & make it rain.

My focus these days has been on an automated SaaS I started for small businesses to market themselves on Instagram, & in its alpha stage the past 7 months I was able to bring it to almost 6 figures annually. The setup is a joke, honestly. I just found a sharp college kid looking for some on the job experience to help me get it into beta stage before rebranding it and scaling it up.

But that's not the venture I'm looking for a CTO co-founder for.


Because that business is blackhat. It automates tasks on Instagram which goes against their terms of service. There is no solid end game with that business. It's either going to raise enough awareness from Instagram that they'll try to shut me down, or I'll grow it large enough that a certain competitor will acquire the customer base for a hefty sum.

I saw a need, so I filled it. But that's not something most people want to be involved in.

So what business am I bringing to the table?

I'll give you a hint.

It involves businesses & social media, & helping them grow. That's my vertical. I enjoy helping the underdogs grow their businesses without breaking the bank. It's going to have a recurring revenue model, with a market size of about 30 million. It will include local businesses as well as web based. Oh, & it's already proven. I'm just taking it to the next level.

I have the business/marketing plan, I have a rockstar creative director with a ton of passion for this project, & about 10k people who would be happy to use the product as soon as we have an MVP.

All I'm missing is a CTO, because this isn't something I want to involve freelancers with. I want a team that will own this project from the very beginning, because it's going to be a winner. It's going to be a fucking all star.

But first, let's get the MVP out & some traction, then we'll get it funded & scale.

I heard some crazy statistic that there is 5 jobs for every programmer available. Well, there's only one of me, & this was my pitch to you. If you like the vibe & want to get in on something big, I'm accepting applications.