K. Kitts

Bethesda, Maryland, US

K. 's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About K.

Creative thinker. Action oriented. Paradigm-Shifter. Partner with me to bring first education system for hands on brain development to accelerate learning, all ages, but especially from birth. Also have a corporate arm, working to brain-train executives for maximum company output, greeter efficiency, stronger analytical skills & ability to have epiphanies. Never been done before. Have worked this area for over 27 yrs. Take advantage of my skill set, knowledge, connections, and chutzpah. Want to qualitatively change the world, position USA as leader again in STEM subjects, but adding creative processes. I've already changed the world in my little corner. Time for a bigger stage. Are you ready to join me? We'll be The Birdman of Tommorow.
Looking for like-minded people strong in Marketing, Finance, Product Management or any combo.