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Austin, Texas, US

Co Founder of Social Impact Initiave
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NCT Services is committed to the releasing of Tax Credits to fund Anti-Poverty Initiatives in disadvantaged US Communities. As such, we are working on two Community Engagement Initiaves to serve disadvantaged US Communities. The first project is the “The Economic Opportunity Community Trust (EOCT)” which is designed to provide Anti-Poverty Support, Jobs Training, and Economic Development for minority disadvantaged US Urban Communities. The second project is “The Rural Healthcare Community Trust (RHCT)” which is a Dual Use Healthcare System designed to provide healthcare services to the Nation’s Rural medically underserved, and provide disaster “Surge Medical” services to the Nation and the World in the event of a Man-made or Natural disaster. The RHCT also provides National Food Bank support. My background in Healthcare industry includes being a Healthcare analyst for Dun & Bradstreet as well as a Deloitte Consultant serving both Government and Fortune 500 Clients. Seeking Co-founder/Advisor who can assist with Seed Funding and strategy.