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Business Development
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About K

I'm an entrepreneur with an established, small-scale Singapore-based online business looking for a new cofounder.

The setup includes the website (which has been established for several years, has incoming links, some google juice), proven business model, subcontractor relationship to do the actual work, repeat customers and real, ongoing and growing income set up, going into a bank account, a business registration, etc.

To give an idea of the current scale, profit (not revenue) for a recent 12-month period was over $12,000, for a minimal amount of work to keep it ticking over (we have bank statements, etc, that we could share if it gets to that stage).

I think there is real potential to grow the current level of profitability into something substantial by solving a few problems that I have thoughts and ideas on (and could discuss in detail). However, for reasons related mainly to my lifestyle, lack of synergy, etc, rather than lack of potential for the business, I am interested in finding someone else that sees some value here, and is in a good position to take it over and grow it for themselves.