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Berlin, Germany

Founder and Gen Manager @privyberlin: Costumized cleaning solutions
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Hallo everyone, I am running a company in Berlin already for 6 years. Facility management and cleaning. To the cleaning business i have always need it a software which doesn't exist in its full version. Also as i am often finding myself on the Maid and client side- there is no application which is helping the Maids, as individuals- they all depend on the cleaning managers and companies. I wish to make the market independent from cleaning companies paying the Maid absolutely not fare rates, without trainings, without the Gov law knowledge, black working, not knowing the language, moving from country to country starting all from the very beginning and etc... At the other side: My clients are often struggling with non loyal companies, non trained personnel's, damages, constant maid changing. All this i have set upped form my clients and subcontractors. It works for already 6 years. Now is the time to spread it around the world and help every one involved in the cleaning services and trainings. Also my idea will help the Governments to solve and reduce the black market. I need someone to join my idea as preferred IT CEO to set up a team, develop the software. I have the market to test it. My niche is mainly IT companies, VIP clients- owners or general managers of International companies, embassy representatives and TV, music, DJ' s and Film industry, If you see yourself part of a complete business changing model of the future i will be happy to hear from you! What i have: Idea Market share Clients 2 Hotel management diplomas in Singapore and Miami Experience 18 years in the field of Real estates, sales, Cleaning and facility management, Cruise ships work. I need: IT manager to set up a team and manage the IT part at all We need to have a Beta version to pitch and continue forward. If an business investor or angel wish to become part from the beginning all will be much easier ! Please feel welcomed! Looking forward to hearing back from you! Dina Staleva
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Berlin, Germany

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Privy Berlin Life Management

August 2012 - Today

Costumized cleaning solutions for high net individuals and companies.


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