Kacey Witte

Dallas, Texas, US

Kacey's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Kacey


I am a real estate investor and we have been building a rent/property management SaaS application to fit the needs we saw weren't being met in our industry. I have been slowly building the program with professional programmers, and we are about 95% complete.

I do not have the time to invest in this start up at the moment, and am looking for a partner to take over and complete the application. It is built in PHP and MySQL, and only needs testing and final tweeks/bugs to be fixed. I can leverage my connections and get this into the eyes of many users directly, I just need someone to help speed up the process and take over the day to day stuff.

The ideal candidate will be someone that knows PHP and MySQL, and has the time to build this out and make changes as the market tells us. Knowing accounting or Quickbooks would be a plus. Some of the competitors are doing $20+mm/year and I think we can do it better. Leverage me and my connections with your technical ability, and we can get in front of users immediately to generate sales.