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About Kachi

I am a three-time serial entrepreneur with start-ups spanning online retailing, travel booking and IT consulting over a period of 9 years the latest of which is Softiris Africa Limited.
With a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering, I started my career as a trainee IT assistant at a marine engineering firm in Port-Harcourt from where I quickly rose to head the IT department and subsequently a consultant to the company on IT related matters. Moving up North, I spent 14 months as an IT trainer where I also certified as a Solution Architect/Developer on Microsoft .NET platform, Linux and as a Trainer in both software development and business applications.
An avid programmer and database administrator, I “code“ in 13 languages and have led development projects in a wide range of areas spanning enterprise management and business process automation systems for the aviation sector, applications for maritime operations, e-commerce and retail, procurement operations, hotel management, travel booking, mobile engagement and so on. Having an affinity for internet and open source technologies, I have primarily been developing applications to run on web browsers.
I have over 13 years’ experience within the Nigerian technology sector, hence a deep understanding of the market. I am a creative, enthusiastic and an analytical professional, and have acquired invaluable practical, international experience in the Technology and Marketing Industries. As a creative, enthusiastic and analytical professional, I exhibit a natural flair for solving problems.
An articulate communicator plus an effective team player with strong coaching skills, I consistently work to the highest professional standards and thrive when working as part of a cohesive team to deliver projects that yield real-life business benefits. I am an avid believer in the Nigerian dream and also passionate about the realization of ones' full potential.
I am an Alumnus of Pan African University (EDC), Lagos where I obtained a certificate in Entrepreneurship Management. I am married with two children.