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Dallas, Texas, US

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I’m a fullstack developer and technical startup consultant. I fill in the shoes of a CTO until you can afford to hire a CTO.

If you’re a founder with a great idea, but no coding skills, don’t let that hold you back. I believe there are lots of great ideas dreamed up by great non-technical founders. I want to work with great founders who have a clear vision of their idea and company.

Maybe you’ve stumbled already in building your vision. If you’ve wasted $10k-$30k in outsourced technical development, with remote teams that have limited fluency in English, or on cheap freelancers who will work for the lowest hourly rate, then you’ve made enough mistakes to know why you need my services.

My services include access to a development, design, and user research team that’s ready to help you build your product. I’ve worked with this team for years on a number of projects, and have smoothed out the communication wrinkles that trip up so many startups. If you already have a team, I will work with them as well to ensure that clear communication has everyone on the same page.

When working with clients, I also pass on the values and business systems that have made my own business successful. More than that, these systems help me maintain a healthy work-life balance. I do this because I’ve seen too many founders burn out, or lose clarity of their vision because they are frazzled by the new, daily demands of a startup. I help you breathe through the process, while I manage the technical development aspect. With the right systems and team, you’ll achieve peace of mind so that you can focus on the productive tasks that yield the biggest returns.

If you’re serious about your startup, then you’ll only want to work with people who are equally serious about what they do. For that reason, I don’t work for equity-only deals, because if you’re only offering equity, then you’re hedging because you don’t have confidence in your own success. I can’t fix that.

If this profile sounds like you, then schedule a 30-minute strategy session with me. We’ll discuss your startup concept and how to get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. Head over here to schedule a Strategy Session, https://meetme.so/founderspath



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