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Invest in yourself and others will invest in you
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If you are coming here looking for a technical cofounder to work for FREE or equity-only deals, you've just broadcasted that you're not really serious about your business and you don't have confidence in your OWN success.

As a fullstack developer and startup consultant, I've got too much demand to advise on, design and develop products to waste my time working for you.

If you believe that because you're committed 100% that means you need someone to demonstrate their passion for you idea, and put in full-time work for no pay you're delusional (or naively optimistic). And that's the catch, it's YOUR idea. Let's get out of the mindset that someone else has to dedicate themselves for your success AND build a quality product sans compensation.

And please, please don't quit your job to launch. I know you're wasting time getting lost in the myriad of things-you-must-do, believe me I'm not impressed, and don't tell me you're not spending your days getting coffee with other hip (and poor) startup "founders" or spending excessive time on facebook doing "market research".

I'm being really REAL with you guys here because I only work with folks who are really committed. Professionals that see the launch of a software product as an extension of their career and not a replacement for it. You have to come to the decision to go down this path because you have industry experience and connections in an industry that you LIKE and are GOOD at. I won't take you seriously otherwise (unless this really is a side gig you're passionate about exploring).

This is the thing, I really want to help you make your idea a reality. There are lots of great ideas with great founders that simply have the disadvantage that they aren't coders (and likely never should be) and that shouldn't hold you back.

But it is isn't it? That's why you're here

I get it. Everyone's told you to find a technical advisor, and they're right. It's easy to go in the wrong direction (or to not even know where to start) and waste tons of time and money building the wrong product with the wrong people.

Yep. I've had clients come to me that have wasted $10K-$30K in outsourced development simply because they can't communicate their idea to a development team to code (not to mention one in another timezone or with less than ideal level of fluency in English).

And that's not the only difficulty. Even knowing what to build and how to communicate it, I still see nontechnical founders struggle to know if their product is a QUALITY product. I mean, do you know?

Before I leave you with only doom and gloom let me show you another option, one where you can clearly communicate your concept to a team, focus on the highest leverage activities, and develop a product you are certain performs well for you customers.

Schedule a strategy session with me and I'll go over your startup concept and how to get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. Fill out this application, https://www.founderspath.io/apply, and head over here to schedule a 30min session, https://calendly.com/founderspath/strategy-session

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