Kai Reimer-Watts

Toronto, Canada

Kai's Skills
Product Management

About Kai

I'm an artist, climate change scholar and founder of the new game in-development, SkyShapers. SkyShapers is creating an exciting new reality to address our changing sky, in the context of an immersive new game environment. This project has grown out of my experience as a graduate student in the Master of Climate Change (MCC) program at the University of Waterloo, and background in climate activism, education and Fine Arts. We're looking for experienced professionals including, but not limited to, game designers/developers interested in taking on a highly unique, artistic project for social change. This project is part of a longer-term vision for a new social innovation startup "Do Better" addressing the emerging marketing surrounding global change issues in highly innovative, engaging ways. SkyShapers is our first product, with several others planned for future development. For more information visit www.skyshapers.ca, and/or contact me.