Kai Wee Soh

Singapore, Singapore

Kai Wee's Skills
Business Development
Product Management
User Experience

About Kai Wee

I have a rather unconventional history. Started out doing Economics at the LSE, wanting to do trading and investment management. Landed an internship doing the latter but grew disillusioned with the longer term implications of that career. Went into management consulting and was lucky enough to start out working for an arm that focused heavily on innovation in all aspects of the term. Found that my passion was in Digital and transferred to the digital arm company. Had a blast there. Subsequently joined an ecommerce startup in a regional role with a data-heavy marketing mandate. Lately, been reading a lot of Stoicism (and watching Elon Musk videos). Wondering if there is something larger that I can be a part of to contribute to humanity. Hoping to find like-minded individuals that are not trying to build the next Tinder or Snapchat.