Kaitlyn Emery

New York, New York, US

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I first went to Pennsylvania State University to study Finance, and then transferred to the Fashion Institute of Technology under the notion that I would start my own company after two years of work experience. I spent my first year working for Bed Bath & Beyond Corporation, first doing project management and then working as a product designer on Bed Bath & Beyond's major private label lines including Kenneth Cole, Anthology, and Kyle Schuneman. I spent my second year working as a Trend Editor at Fashion Snoops Trend Forecasting Agency, conducting research, writing reports, and conceptualizing lines for major clients including The Scott Brothers, QVC, Target, Big Lots and more. My main strengths include my creativity and abilities as a visionary to see the bigger picture. I am skilled in conceptualizing ideas, strategy and business development. I am looking for a counterpart to help with project management, planning and implementation. I would also like to find a member focused on design. I have the skills and mind to understand all of it, but am finding I could be much more effective and efficient if I had a team to focus on the other aspects. I am also very interested in wellness and spirituality and looking to integrate those practices into the business.


Make your vision so clear that success is inevitable - unknown

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