Kaitlyn Mirison

Portland, Oregon, US

Kaitlyn's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Kaitlyn

I am a former CPA and business operations executive with an entrepreneurial spirit and creative soul. I have a business concept already formed with a focus on cultivating employees' creative skills. I am looking for a business partner that will provide capital as well as secure additional funding sources, make connections within the community, help secure business and act as an advisor.

While I have limited experience in creativity and providing such service, a strong team of instructors with relevant expertise in their given artistic field is being developed. Trial workshops have been held to test out the instructors, fine tune ideas for the program offerings and gain valuable feedback from participants. Meetings are being held with prospective clients and collaborators with positive indicators and response. I have a strong passion for this business venture and its offering and the skills and experience that lend to its successful implementation.