Kaitlynn Hendricks

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Kaitlynn's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Kaitlynn

I'm a business developer with a background in economics & logistics, currently working with a small medical spa that is looking to develop some additional distinct arms of the existing business. We need someone with tech skills and the right connections in anti-aging & dermatology medicine, politics, and philanthropy to help us research and implement these expansions better.

I am also open to joining other projects. I have experience in the legal and non-profit industry more than wellness, and tend to function well as the hub and cultivator of small and new organizations. My strengths are solutions-finding, collaboration & consensus building, and engaging potential strategic partners, stakeholders and clients. I'm a good writer - which lends itself to promotion, press engagement, web content development, not to mention company ethos & identity building, I also do a bit of design, and am reasonably proficient in basic tech operations.

I am very passionate about developing good businesses, and am very consistent & disciplined, but get especially fired up when there is a really interesting problem to be solved/ issue to be addressed. I take it as a challenge.