Kala Philo

Houston, Texas, US

CEO / Founder, ClearCEO
Kala's Skills
Product Management

About Kala

2 years ago I sold or donated everything that would not fit into my car, gave up my lease in a Northern California town with a 3% vacancy rate, and hit the road to work online and travel. I traveled solo throughout the US, Ecuador and Mexico, shredded my comfort zone, built my resiliency, and along the way hatched plans for ClearCEO. I'm a lifelong advocate for women entrepreneurs, starting with an article I read about Yunus and Grameen in the 80's.

2 days after I launched the ClearCEO beta site, I typed out the application for The Circular Board Accelerator for Women Entrepreneurs at midnight on a hot sweaty patio in a small town in Mexico, mosquitos snacking on me, sitting outside because we had no A/C and the wifi didn't work inside.

I was thrilled to be accepted the next day. I participated in that program during the first few weeks of ClearCEO's existence, an invaluable bit of synergy to say the least. Shortly thereafter I was accepted to attend TEDWomen in San Francisco; I just got back from that - its an incredible curated group of women and a rich resource for networking on behalf of ClearCEO as well.

I am huge proponent of the minimalist lifestyle, and probably one of the most equity conserving founders you will meet. : ) For example, ClearCEO is a US based company; I am currently based in Mexico City to decrease my burn rate and live big on much less, with frequent trips to Houston and the SF Bay Area. You can find me co-working at the new WeWork Mexico City in 2017! Andale!

I speak Spanish and I am interested in a Mexico / LatAm expansion of the ClearCEO concept ASAP.

Work Experience

Founder and CEO, ClearCEO


August 2016 - December 2016