Kamal Varma

Portland, Oregon, US

Kamal's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Kamal

I'm the Founder/CEO of Flowrev, Inc. Flowrev is a Cloud based cost and revenue recognition platform - currently integrated with the Xero accounting platform. It achieved Xero certification in August 2015, was in public beta Aug-Dec 2015, and had a "soft" launch in Jan 2016. We now have some customers in the US, UK, AU, PHL, IRL and growing. Xero was rated by Forbes as the most innovative growth company in the world in 2014 and 2015, and has a rapidly growing customer base (600K+) which Flowrev can tap into for growth. Learn more at: flowrev.com/Xero

I have an engineering background and worked as a software engineer for 9 years. Then I went back to business school for an MBA in Marketing, Strategy and Finance. Post-MBA I have worked in marketing and have managed different product lines and companies, though I still write plenty of code.

I am looking for folks to join who can help accelerate the market ramp and the product road map.

Ideally one person who can take on product development (LAMP stack), help with customer support, marketing and sales (yep, walk on water would be awesome ;) - pretty much an all-rounder.

Alternately an amazing dev./designer (with front end and back end skills: JavaScript, AJAX, HTML5, CSS, in addition to LAMP), and an amazing marketing person (with some sales/biz dev. aptitude, and an understanding of Finance/Accounting), will be great too.

The opportunity ahead is vast, and I invite you to connect if you are interested in helping drive Flowrev forward.