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Kamila Gornia

Marketer, Product Manager

Chicago, Illinois, US


About Kamila

I'm here to make more magic happen.

I've done plenty in my life, all passion-driven but with a good strategy in place. My current focus is as a Business Coach for passion-driven solopreneurs to get their mission & message into the world, through specific marketing strategies and mindset support.

I have been building and growing communities around my own brands & ventures since I was 13, where I built the website very fast and managed 5 volunteer virtual employees even while having dial-up internet. Through the years, psychology and marketing was a prevalent thread in my life. I've had a successful photography freelance business I grew mostly through social media since I was 19. And I've had a healthy living blog that's still bringing me a nice side income for a few years now.

I want to make something awesome happen with the skills I already bring to the table. I'm obsessed with marketing and creating new things and really propelling them forward. I am looking for someone who is also as ambitious and driven and is ready for their idea to actually HAPPEN.