London, United Kingdom

19 yrs, beginner at computer lang, learning C++, HTML & CSS have few concept ideas drawn out
KAMRAN's Skills
User Experience
Public Relations


I have never started any company or ever raised funds for a project however, I have researched on how to raise funds and some of the necessary documents needed to start and a company and for investments such as. NDA form, health and safety agreement and employment agreement documents. Yes this is not enough that is why I am trying to learn more from companies mistakes.

I have been developing ideas for the past 4 years and currently trying to improve my ideas.
I already have designed few concept apps and websites, few based on existing sites such as google and how to improve the site.

My first goal is to start a social networking company which I have designed an app with its own USP that will help me to gain funds to start my main goal of starting a multi conglomerate cooperation that has subsidiary that sells software+hardware technology, game development, animation (movies and TV series) and a clothing brand.

Yes it sounds to ambitious however I think its still possible. Instead of waiting for opportunities I want to carve my own path since I don't know when this opportunity will come and if I will be capable enough to use it to my advantage.

Work Experience

Customer service assistant & Stock aufitor


October 2016 - November 2016

4 weeks (2 weeks each) WHSmith at Euston and CEX at East Ham



No degree

2014 - 2016