Kamran Holland

The Hague, Netherlands

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***** Great thing start with great people *****

I am a web developer/engineer and an early stage investor who has a good knowledge of online marketing, I've developed modern apps like Uber taxi, delivery apps, web design, SAAS web application and CRM dashboard in the past and helped businesses and manufacturer around the world to grow their business and helped entrepreneurs to remove their obstacles & be more productive.

# Right now I am working on a FACEBOOK custom chatbot. If you are in a position to help with sales then contact asap
# I also have a green urban vertical grow system, we did a very good job and we are looking for someone who has the right contact with distributor or chain stores
# if you need a platform and web-design for your project then I can help you as well and make sure that things will be done correctly. We can discuss your project as well. Kindly drop a line and let's talk about it

PLEASE NOTE: If your idea is at prototype stage or you need your idea become reality with the help of a web developer or you are in the pre-production stage, I am the guy that you should knock his door!

With over 20 years experience with industry, manufacturing and online marketing, I can bring all skills to the table. The know-how knowledge is one of the most important part of your journey and it will prevent you from loosing your money or wasting your time!
I can help you with visualizing your idea, build the idea and help with marketing to get things started and grow the business from scratch.
Feel free to contact me.

Don't do it because of the text that I wrote above, do it because you need the money and your freedom!
direct contact --> qwebshopinfo [ a t] [ g m a i l ][ d o t ][ c o m ]



Bachelor of Science

1994 - 1994


Chemical Technology