Kamran Wolters

Leiden, Netherlands

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About Kamran

***** Great thing start with great people *****

I am a full stack developer/engineer, creative thinker, an early stage investor & a good knowledge of online marketing, I've developed modern apps like Uber taxi, delivery apps, web design, SAAS web application and CRM dashboard, custom Facebook chatbot in the past and helped businesses and manufacturer around the world to to solve their business problems. In addition I also helped entrepreneurs to remove their obstacles & be more productive.

Opening project right now if you are a challenger and would like to come on board:

# You are very good at closing deal/person by phone and sometimes would like to drive go to a client and sign a contract with them. It is a new lead generation platform for different businesses.

# I invented the world first 100% organic plant grow sponge plug to grow seeds to a small plant that can be replace to a bigger pot. This product is already in the market but it gets the sponge effect from a PU binder (chemical and the waste cannot go to the nature because it is kind of plastic). However my invented product is 100% organic and the waste can go to the nature. I am looking for someone who has the right contact with distributor, manufacturer or chain stores and would like to invest in my invention as a venture capital. So, a venture capital with the right connection!

PLEASE NOTE: If your idea is at prototype stage or you need someone (a full-stack developer) to build your idea and make it reality, I am the guy that you should knock on his door!

With over 20 years experience with industry, manufacturing and online marketing, I can bring all skills to the table. The know-how knowledge is one of the most important part of your journey and it will prevent you from loosing your money or wasting your time!

The old way of doing business is over. You should adopt to the new reality or stay small and be crashed by big players, banks and other players behind the close door. Your choice!

I can help you to realize your idea and translate it to a cash machine but I only work with open minded people who can make decision based on prove an idea and validate it, feedback from market instead of emotion, ego and argue. What I've just offered you alone is a treasure if you can see it that way otherwise I am sorry you are not a good fit for me!

Good luck to you.

Feel free to contact me.

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Bachelor of Science

1994 - 1994



Chemical & programing