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Kamron K.

Engineer, Product Manager, Programmer

Lansing, Michigan, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Kamron

I am a software developer and entreprenuer. I have 2 companies that I am working on right now, one of which is a type of mother company to the other.

The two companies are: Coders Farm ( and Klubcams (

I could really use more brain power and marketing skills being brought to the table. Coders Farm is doing well, but we could use some help with some of our projects (Klubcams being one of them).

Klubcams itself is the biggest marketing struggle we have. The technology is fully developed, in the sense that it works end to end (from broadcaster to user). The branding is off though, and the scope of the business is too limited to only bars/clubs. We have some work done towards rebranding to another name/company, but some expertise in this project would be valuable.

Coders Farm essentially needs a publicist. What we're doing is very awesome, and there's not many similar businesses like us aside from various Coding Boot Camps and other software development companies. We could use a "louder mouth" when it comes to taking the time to write blog posts and share things on social media.

Managing People
Product Management