Kamy Eliassi

Los Angeles, California, US

Kamy's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Kamy

Dear potential Co-Founder,

I am an ambitious visionary and have the goal of making the world a better place one innovation at a time. My background and experience is both diverse and valuable. I started off as a CPA for a Logistics company but quickly moved up to be the Managing Director. As Managing Director I was responsible for Business Development and Operations oversight along with a host of other cool things that comes the way of a Manager for a medium size fast-paced transportation company. The experience of managing people, projects and ideas along with having unique mentors has allowed me to blossom into a Leader who can influence and lead people to execute on the company's vision and mission. Not only I think finance, but I think and live sales and marketing. Not only I think Operations but I focus on sustained operation strategy which provides a long term edge to the company. Having experience and knowledge in Sales, Finance and Operations is great. But I lack in my understanding of Technology and its current possibilities. Seeing the world evolve and grow has motivated me to explore areas that will shape and influence the world in a positive way. One such development is the growth and availability of audibooks to the masses which is bound to increase knowledge and personal growth. I have a unique idea in these fields and would like to partner up with a strong CTO who has the skills, knowledge and desire to lead the technology aspect of the company and help bring our vision to life. A strong Content Acquisition leader is also sought for for the position of CCO (Chief Content Officer).