Kara Chung

Business Development, Product Management, Design

Berkeley, California, US


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About Kara

I am a recent Cal grad with a creative and enterprising mind. I am always brainstorming innovative solutions for inefficiencies that I see around me. On top of my creativity, I am acknowledged for my intelligence, linear thinking and active listening.

Currently, I am working on a mobile application that will solve all event manager's inefficiencies with an exciting and innovative technology. The application will provide easy to use and organized services for the hosts and a fun user experience for the guests. I currently have an MVP and am in the process of testing the product.

I do not have much business experience and would like a co-founder who is experienced in operations, branding and/or marketing. Personality is as equally important as experience; I hope to work with someone who is transparent, ambitious and compassionate.


Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act. - Albert Einstein


University of California berkeley

Integrative Biology

2011 - 2014