Kareem Kamal El Gazzar

Giza, Egypt

Script Writer, Dramatic Storyteller, Video Editor
Kareem Kamal's Skills
VĂ­deo & Audio
Creative Writer
Script Writer
Write English
Product Management

About Kareem Kamal

I have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder at my teenage years which had led me to discover a path through my life that leads to authenticity.
This kind of illness has hindered from studying at the high school the correct education that I had to study which is arts were I have studied business degree instead.
Later on, my life got worse by being diagnosed with a specific type of psychosis which had let me be determined with myself to know who I am and discover what I want to be in my life.
After some years of agony and troublesome in life I have discovered that I am more inclined towards arts and humanities especially my love of comics.
And by this life journey, I have decided that I want to be a cartoonist that creates a comics that reflects my experiences/ emotions in my life.
Now I think I am doing fine with my life not feeling any awkward feelings that I felt in my past life.


Being Authentic In A Meaningful World - Kareem Kamal El Gazzar

Work Experience

Script Writer - Comics Writer - 2D Animation Video Editor

Founder of Cairotoons

October 2017 - Today


The Arab Academy for Science & Technology

Bachelor of Business Administration

1997 - 2004