Kareem Sabri

Toronto, Canada

Kareem's Skills
Product Management

About Kareem

I'm a software engineer with a decade of experience in both running and scaling small operations single-handedly (Save.ca to 2M users before acquisition) and being part of a team of hundreds of engineers delivering large-scale distributed web applications at massive scale (Box). I'm far from your stereotypical anti-social engineer. I can write, present, solve business problems, and sell. However, startups are a lot of work, and a division of labour will help both of us achieve greater than the sum of our parts. I'm seeking a business-inclined co-founder to lead things like marketing, sales, and operations to compliment my skills in engineering, product development, and design. However, these are loose boundaries and I will help in all roles. I have a high standard and want to work with people driven to excellence and not afraid to work hard. Help me revolutionize the marketing and advertising industry by creating a global, distributed marketing and advertising agency staffed by elite freelance talent at massive scale.