Karen Bostick

Boise, Idaho, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Karen

I'm looking for a business developer, website developer, designer, product/project manager, advertiser, merchandiser, online retailer, and someone with some good solid experience in business and/or internet marketing with at least $10k in capital or credit to invest and at least 40 hours in sweat equity to come on as a business partner for my ecommerce/social commerce site in the pet industry to help oversee continued development and promotion. "Tinks Shop" is attached to my social networking pet community, PetsPage.com, and has over 40k product variances uploaded from 3 top pet product drop ship distributors and many more interested drop ship suppliers in the pipeline.

It's all ready to go but we still need an advanced search developed (solar search), product display streamlining and a new user-friendly design implemented (I have some specs already), and will need continued develops to make it be the best pet products and supply ecommerce site around. Our model includes drop ship products and affiliate products and also has opportunity for products and affiliates for "pet lovers" as well as pets.

The pet industry is booming with $62 Billion in US Spending estimated for 2013, up over 40% in the last five recession years and was voted Inc Magazines top industry to start a business. I have a social networking following of pet lovers and pet/vet industry professionals 275k+ and also have a social pet community that Tinks Shop is attached to, PetsPage.com.

My main need right now is someone with the time, energy and money to get Tinks Shop off the ground in time for Christmas shopping.

My second need is a business partner to assist in continued development for the social networking site, PetsPage.com, PetsPage.TV and/or Tinks Listings to help me monetize and streamline everything. Partnerships available in one or multiple divisions.

I have put over $200k of my personal cash and credit into this as well as my blood, sweat and tears for the last 8 months. This is my passion and we (my adorable maltepoo dog, Tinks, and me) have a personal story that fans are resonating with. In addition to social media, I have launched a large campaign on traditional media and an educational documentary is being produced to air in 2014 on Public Television and also a 1 min public service announcement commercial for large regional Animal Planet networks.

I've been in the pet and veterinary industry practically all of my life and also have tons of business experience in various industries and this is my second startup. I co-founded my 1st startup in the veterinary industry and we sold that business early on which afforded me the ability to invest in my new venture.

I have so much good going on and need some help turning this into the well-oiled cash producing machine and pet industry connection it's destined to be!

Interested? Send me a message today!!


Troy University

Business Admin/Studio Art

2000 - 2000

Boise State University


2010 - 2010