Karen D. Orr

Madison, Wisconsin, US

Karen D.'s Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Karen D.

I am the sole Founder/CEO of a startup company: PAWS by O-no, LLC
PAWS- Pet Auto Webcam Surveillance
It's a baby monitor in your car for your pet!
Plan is for our app on your phone to connect to the webcam which allows you to see/hear/talk with your pet while you are apart. The app also tells you the temperature and humidity in your car.
You see, I believe dogs are just a big ole' bundle of love wrapped up in fur and my day is always better when my dog is with me.
The problem is, sometimes I need to leave my dog in the car which can be unsafe and in some states, illegal.
PAWS provides a constant virtual presence while you're apart so your dog is never alone.
I am looking for co-founders to develop my business and feel that an engineer, programmer, software or hardware are potential areas to look for folks who see my vision. Don't be fooled, though, I'm going to keep going with or without these folks and outsource if I need to because this is gonna' happen.


Western Michigan University

MS- Medicine

2003 - 2003


Physician Assistant