Karen Ellenberger

Denver, Colorado, US

Karen's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Karen

Fresh off the sale of my first business, I'm excited to be working on the next, a business reporting tool for e-commerce.

I love making businesses happen. I've been a part of organizations of all sizes, from a Project Manager for HP working with a team spanning the globe to starting my own business with just me and one cofounder. I'm an organizer, a learner, and a strategist.

I have more ideas than I possibly know what to do with and I'm mastering the art of knowing the ones worth pursuing and the ones to pass on. I've successfully bootstrapped a business from scratch with a cofounder, taking it all the way to profitability and a successful exit. Now I'm looking for developers and marketers to work on the next project.

I believe:
In lean startup and agile methodologies
Nothing beats sitting in a room full of smart people hashing out ideas
Any project's success depends as much on the people as the idea
In honest and ego-free teamwork
Knowing what you're good at, and where a team will fill in your gaps

What I'm looking for: smart people.

Are you really into sales? Do you love marketing, filling the pipeline, and that moment when a new strategic partnership emerges? Are you willing to knock on e-doors and cultivate new customers?

You're exactly who I'm looking for.

How about programming? Do you love developing really smart solutions? APIs, KDD, and geeking out on data?

You're exactly who I'm looking for.


Colorado College

English (great prep for critical thinking and writing)

2001 - 2001