Karen Jashinsky


Santa Monica, California, US

Karen's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Karen

I am looking for a partner/team member who is looking to play an active role on a management team, loves fitness and brings marketing, product management and/or tech skills to the table! The vision is BIG but we need some rockstar people to join us to take where we are now to another level.

I am a fitness entrepreneur with an MBA. I am passionate about changing the way students and busy people experience fitness via technology and real people and want a partner in crime!

I am looking for someone who has a technical background that can help us create a more sophisticated prototype and/or someone who can serve as an intermediary person to help us formalize a team.

We have most of the components in place and have BIG ambitions. We need a technical person to round out our team which will helps us scale faster and raise money faster.

I would also love to find a strong marketing / communications and/ or digital marketing / operations person. Equity is definitely an option for the right person.



MBA - Entrepreneurship

2006 - 2006


Health, Fitness