Karen Leventhal

Austin, Texas, US

Karen's Skills
Business Development

About Karen

We are attempting to build the 1st online b2b marketplace for trading green and sustainable products. We built a very basic prototype that was not fully automated. We gained customers and revenue. We have a pipeline of waiting customers but we need an upgraded fully automated platform in order to grow and scale. And we are looking for an programmer/technical cofounder.

We are seeking to disrupt an antiquated, monopolistic industry (the b2b distribution system) and make it transparent. and cost effective. We also are committed to helping the planet, by allowing businesses to purchase more responsible products and services. This is huge piece of the puzzle of creating a sustainable economy, as nearly every single purchase in the U.S. requires a b2b trade at some point along the way. So if you don't allow businesses to purchase responsibly then no one else can either. The good news: "green" is a skyrocketing market. In many instances, sustainable products are growing from 10 to 1000x the rate of their conventional analogs. People want more of these products and we want to open the pipeline to allow that to happen.