Karl Nazer

Tauranga, New Zealand

Karl's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Karl

I wrestle with ideals, squeeze out the juiciest ideas, and get them into action.
Till now I have been starting and running multiple business activities including Christmas trees and Fireworks sales (with thousands of customers), trading millions in Physical Gold and Jewellery, creating a Franchisor company, and a IT wrestling company.
as of writing (October 2015) Its time to roll a milestone exploring the IT ideals and start squeezing out the big idea(s)...
Getting a group of the most suited minds and actors, defining the plan(s) and getting to work is the priority.
If you have a good understanding of the "Innovators solution" we need to talk.
If you can see the world of business systems is on the verge of transformation to a "liquid" state, in need of a helping hand, lets combine to work on the ultimate solutions.

Update April 2017.
Flow2b.com is almost ready for prime time, now looking for app developers, resellers and support partners.