Kartik's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Kartik

I am an enthusiast and an advocate for web/mobile technology. I have worked on four startups, two of which are still active.

I graduated from mechanical engineering from University of Waterloo. I have over 3 years of experience in technical sales and marketing. My biggest strength is my ability to "make it happen". Furthermore, I am creative and enjoy the process of creating a brand. My passion for entrepreneurship is contagious and I have a knack for creating harmonious teams that can function well together. On the other hand, my biggest weakness is my lack of specific knowledge of web technologies to create scalable products. Also, I find the process of tediously managing people strenuous as I expect people to be as creative and resourceful as myself. None the less, I perform well as a team motivator, particularly when the team morale is at its low.

I am looking to meet the right person / team which is self-motivated, creative problem solvers and strong drive to succeed. I would also like to discuss my web-startup for which I am actively seeking a technical co-founder.


University of Waterloo

Bachelow of Applied Science

2011 - 2011


Honours Mechanical Engineering