Karun Siddana

Newark, California, US

Tech geek with passion for creating social, environmental, educational change.
Karun's Skills
Systems Engineering
Open to networking with people holding these skills
Environmental Analysis
Data Visualization
Non-profit Start Up
Early-stage Startups
Technology Start-up
Start Up Projects

About Karun

Looking to find a co-worker, somebody that has a similar frequency, so can keep each other accountable and bust through an entire new era of tech products. Just filling a void, niche is not enough anymore, being accountable for what you sell, and how it impacts people in their daily lives should be the goal for tech. Tech can be used to help people in emergencies, but they don't get enough attention, or funding, as they are not as profitable. This is a very short sightedness approach. We need to start thinking long term, not just in terms of how we can solve the immediate problems, but how they can raise the living standards, not create divides in the society, and increase the level of education, people should learn how to un-google items. Do you know how to do anything without googling them.

Contact me at ksiddana(@)gmail.com


Hold on to the good things in life, like real hard. - ~Unknown

Work Experience

Frontend Developer

Walmart Labs

March 2017 - Today