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Kasandra Clemente

Founder/Director, Circle One Visionary Multi-Media Center

Santa Fe, United States
Startup stage
Sales, Fundraising, Growth, Marketing
Fund-raise several of my innovative projects and events through the practice of Divine Alchemy; Wrote three innovative, timely, uplifting and transformational screenplays; Short Film is being completed in June 2016 in the Pecos Wilderness near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Worked as a Production Assistant/Coordinator for some of the top producers, writers and actors of the film and television industry, such as Rod Serling, ("Twilight Zone"); Adrian Spies, Screenwriter ("Dr. Kildare, Studio One, Patty Hearst, Star Trek Episode") Norman Lear, ("All In The Family,"), Barbara Walters Show (ABC-Babba Wawwa Productions), Freelanced at four Hollywood Major Studios--20th Century Fox, Columba, Paramount and MGM. Included assignments as Secretary/Receptionist for Edith head (Costume Designer), and bilingual receptionist for the offices of Jose Ferrer (Actor) and Anthony Quinn (Actor).

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