Kate Hiscox

Seattle, Washington, US

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Product Management
Business Development

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Founded 2+ startups

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Venzee is pre series A and accelerated by 500 Startups.

About Venzee -

ERP is a cost prohibitive solution for the majority of suppliers and their retailers across the globe. As a result, product catalogs and updates are produced using spreadsheets and shared with retailers via FTP or email.

Retailers extract this data and prepare it for import into their e-commerce platform or point of sale system. Order management requires phone calls, IMAP monitoring requires human interaction and B2B, online payments are clumsy.

Its a manual process, its a broken process and we're going to fix it.

Our goal is to create a platform where suppliers host their product catalog and share updates with their retailers.

Our powerful API will enable integration with warehouse management systems, e-commerce platforms and point of sale systems.

Our apps will automate the supply chain including IMAP monitoring, data and media management, order management, billing and payments, inventory and shipping.


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