Kathleen Ku

Ann Arbor, Michigan, US

Kathleen's Skills
Product Management

About Kathleen

My favorite word as a child was the word, “Why?”, much to the chagrin of the adults around me. I wanted to know the reasoning of why things were the way they were, and I also wanted to know how things worked. I still do.

My natural curiosity has led me down a path where I am always on the hunt for new knowledge-- instilling a love of learning in whatever manner I can, and a quiet(er) personality until you get to know me better. After all, how can one observe, ask questions, and listen to other people (thus learning new information), if you’re the one always talking?

These personality traits have helped to guide who I am today. I am an engineer--what better way to learn how things work than to learn how to build them?-- and a practitioner of usability testing. I love observing and learning how different people interact and react with objects, and of course, based on this newly discovered knowledge, providing actionable recommendations on how to improve the current design and processes.

I have extensive experience in each stage of the usability testing process: planning, recruiting, conducting, moderating, collecting and analyzing data (qualitative and quantitative), and providing solutions and re-design recommendations in creating a better product, as well as planning and conducting market research.

I am really good at detecting patterns, making connections on an abstract level, and finding information.

I am passionate about good design and creating great user experiences.

I am always thinking about optimization, efficiency, and sustainability.

Never stop learning, never stop improving.

Looking for like-minded individuals.