Katie Boyko

New York, New York, US

Katie's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Katie

Seeking a CTO to join the team. 

The ideal candidate will have development skills as well as tech strategy, and has experience building internal teams as well as managing outsourced development. This position will focus on product development, including both major release upgrades and testing, and app development in iOS and Android.  

Site has launched Beta and is pre-funding. Equity commensurate with pre-funding or post. 

Clycked X Degrees is a new online dating site that takes the experience of meeting through friends and family online.  Our goal is to change the world of online dating by making it more successful, safe & enjoyable. Clycked allows each member to create their own curated network of friends - both married & single - that you can then view up to three degrees of separation. Married friends become Wingmen and single friends become Daters. 

Check out our video & site here: www.clycked.com

About Katie - she has a background in fashion design and started CLYCKED because she was tired of going on dates that didn't lead anywhere. Dating had started to feel like a full time job - and it was no longer fun. While at Northwestern she remembered learning that the best way to meet someone was actually through friends & family, and this was because your friends are a natural algorithm. Katie is extremely passionate about Clycked - she thinks that it can not only be a successful business - but can help to make the online dating world more honest, successful & fun.

*Please note that I am looking for a CTO that is based in the NY area and wants to be a part of building a company & team.


Northwestern University


2004 - 2004

New School/Parsons School of Design


2006 - 2006