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Kaveh M. Beigi


Toronto, , Canada


Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Kaveh

Always being fascinated with technology, but never being in the industry, drove me (6 years ago) to start a self learning journey (still on going) which has covered, Basic Programming, Tech history, Industry Trends, VC financing, Startup behaviour and a lot more.

Recently I've discovered a great product opportunity that can be taken advantage of in a big way. The more I map this in my head the more it makes sense and strengthens my belief of its game changing potential.

Which is what brings me here. I'm looking for a co-founder with an extensive background in Programming and Electronics.

With a background in manufacturing, retail and now marketing/digital-marketing (for the past 5 years), and a business education, I would take on the project management, finance, marketing, PR and Investor relationship roles and more.

Get in touch if you think you're a fit and we can have a chat. Cheers!


Bournemouth University

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

2012 - 2012


Digital Marketing