Kay Bolden

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, US

Founder of Doyenne Diamonds, Revolum, wharton school of business ed
Kay's Skills
Business Development
Product Management
Public Relations
User Experience

About Kay

Passionate about necessary growth for the betterment of an organization, I am an entrepreneur that enjoys working with start-ups as well as established businesses to help grow their company. I am inspired by those who seek to push the boundaries of where a company can go or what they can do, and believe that every organization has untapped potential.

Throughout my experience, I have gained skills in executive management, contract negotiation, relationship building and digital marketing. I pride myself on being an emotionally intelligent leader with a forward-thinking approach and a sense of responsibility and integrity in everything I do, and I seek to bring a new outlook and set of eyes into every professional opportunity. In the future, I am open to meeting other entrepreneurs who would like to do venture partnerships. Through this, I hope to both enhance my own skills and help others grow by participating in business model changes, executive decision making, and digital marketing consultations. I look forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and moving forward in my professional development as I continue to help companies become better, if not always bigger.

Highlights of my career include:

· Led a team of 7 DXL Group employees and directed all sales/marketing operations to meet annual sales and profitability goals; provided leadership in customer service and product knowledge; developed systems to track financial performance, and developed strategies to increase market share, resulting in the team exceeding projected goals to generate $1 million in revenue within 3 years.

· Founded Doyenne Diamonds, LLC, a pioneering e-commerce platform focused on High-end jewelry targeted towards fashioned focused women; grew company value from the ground up to $3 million within the space of 2 years.

· Analyses industry trends, competitor profiles, and market feedback to support revenue growth in multistakeholder environments, linking products, communications and campaigning to and elevate brand equity. I understand the levers and indicators that affect business and coach teams to deliver projected goals.