Kaytlin Louton

San Francisco, California, US

Kaytlin's Skills
Product Management

About Kaytlin

About Me: I’ve worked extensively in sales, business development, and operations.

Sales: Worked in customer service sales and consistently converted customers at 3.5x the average affiliate seller.

Business Development: Worked to increase regional revenue. Contributed to 10%+ growth in revenue multiple months.

Operations: Developed and designed a Help Center with 500+ articles. Trained and managed a 2 person support team.

The Idea
Application: Looking to work on an application that teaches illiterate adults to read. Think Duolingo for illiterate adults (short "lessons", gamificaiton, etc.)

Market: There are about 45M adults in the US who are functionally illiterate and do not read at a fifth grade level. The goal would be to first target American illiterates, then translate and teach illiterate adults globally.

Why it Matters: Not only would the application give adults the ability to read job applications, understand global news articles, etc. It could also provide outside companies with customer profiles of illiterate adults. There is a valuable opportunity to curate content to these consumers.

I’m looking for… An iOS developer who is excited about the idea. If you have any interest please reach out and we can chat!