Keirsten Lindholm

Portland, Oregon, US

Keirsten's Skills
Product Management

About Keirsten

I consider myself a strategist and long range viewer of how things will play out in the health care industry. 80% of the time, I am stretching the marketing dollars of naturopaths, chiropractors, and acupuncturists through building their annual marketing calendars, organizing events, filming youtube videos, creating referral teams, providing educational workshops and creating co-op advertising opportunities. The remaining 20% is focused on consulting strategies for insurers that stand to save millions and reform insurance holistically.

I'm looking for a mover and shaker who has a relative bone to pick with our non-working health care system. Business development savvy, and can work with me towards franchising this model. This kind of work in promoting and educating the public on holistic health care is absolutely intermixed with uniting providers, and proving to insurers the math behind sustainable, working healthcare coverage.

Other Helpful Skill Sets:

Documentary Filming Experience is a triple plus+++
Public Speaking ++
Finance Savvy+