Keith Friedlander

New York, New York, US

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I was born in the savannahs of South Africa, matured on the beaches of Sydney, Australia, and am now changing the way we change the world from within the urban jungle of New York City.

I believe business can and should be a catalyzing force for social impact in this world. No longer are profits and social innovation in contradiction with one another. In fact, they can be complementary and the for-profit social enterprise I've founded is ensuring that's the case. This is achieved through a revolutionary shared-value model between consumers, small businesses and nonprofits.

I have spent my last few years in the social venture/nonprofit world, affording me incredible insight into the flaws and crippling dysfunctions of the nonprofit industry. This founder market fit, coupled with my creative problem-solving skills and startup experience are the reason we already have a market validated business model that does good (helps solve the "Nonprofit Starvation Cycle") and makes money.

I am a confident leader with a strong vision for our company's future. I am very passionate on the WHY (let's chat and this will make sense), think I have the HOW (but am remaining open and agile to better ways), but I am looking to grow the WHO. I personally like to get my hands dirty and as a strong believer in the growth mindset, I've studied, learned and executed whatever I needed to in order to progress. I have startup experience in marketing, design, product design, gamification and education, with my expertise lying in creative strategy, innovation and business development.

I am NOT a technical founder. I have experience in tech startups and have a very high level understanding but I am definitely not a developer/software engineer- so I certainly welcome engineers/developers. Most pertinent right now however, given the nature of the concept is a superstar marketer. I'm talking content, analytics, branding, growth and more. If finding creative ways to build a brand, drive revenue and grow customer bases (and measuring your progress in doing so) is the sort of thing that gets you up in the morning, then reach out to me immediately!

If you're a designer, or engineer/developer, or anyone for that matter that wants to work on something that's changing the world for the better, and making money doing so, then please do reach out too - prerequisites are that you must have hustle, ambition, growth mindset, a big heart and a sense of humor

Now for a bit of (welcome) humility- I am a huge team sports guy who is big on the transcendent power of teams. I know my limitations and I alone cannot and will not take this to the enormous heights it can and will reach. I need the right teammates/cofounders in the trenches beside me. I seek great attitudes over resumes, hunger over experience, and teamplayers over egos.



Bachelor of Science

2010 - 2010


Bachelor of Commerce

2010 - 2010


Diploma of Innovation Management

2013 - 2013

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Centre for Social Innovation

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