Keith Gillette

Boston, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management

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About Keith

Strategy + Systems • People + Process

Keith Gillette is an outcome-driven, process-oriented leader passionate about efficiency, effectiveness, education, environment, & economy. (He also possesses an alarming affection for alliteration.)

Currently bootstrapping TaskTrain:
•We enable workgroups to achieve excellence ... every time.
•TaskTrain is the web+mobile app that equips teams to get things right the first time, every time.
•TaskTrain combines the simplicity of checklists, the power of mobile job tracking, and the support of just-in-time training, enabling teams to deliver service quickly & correctly.

Like you, I strive to serve at scale. I am seeking additional partners with skills in SaaS application development or B2B sales and marketing who are passionate about organizational effectiveness and committed to having a great time while creating something that will contribute to the world by helping improve service delivery, saving time, money, and potentially, lives.

About TaskTrain:
The complexity of many jobs routinely exceeds the limits of human memory, leading to avoidable errors. TaskTrain's flexible, easy-to-use, customizable mobile checklists mistake-proof work, saving time and money.

Mobile Job Tracking
•Track help desk tickets, work orders, sales calls, any service request.
•Create unlimited custom case types.
•Access & update at worksite via smartphone or web app.
•Record custom case data & attach photos, videos, documents at each step.

Painless Procedure Compliance
•Define workflow with simple, understandable, flexible checklists.
•Capture process step-by-step once, update template as needed.
•Ensure adherence with point-of-use checklists on each case.
•Document compliance automatically.

Team Task Coordination
•Assign a checklist or any step to any teammate.
•Instantly see status & responsibility of open cases & items.
•Coordinate tasks within team easily.
•Automate maintenance schedules & other repeating work via scheduled checklist triggers.

Just-in-Time Training
•Embed instructional video, manuals, or any Web media at any checklist step.
•Provide field reps instant access to relevant documents.
•Deliver or reinforce training in the field when & where it's needed.

Interested? I'd love to talk to you about 'getting on the TaskTrain' or about *your* problem-solving idea for creating positive change in the world!


University of Chicago Booth School of Business


2008 - 2008

Capitol College

Information & Telecommunications Systems Management

2004 - 2004

University of Wisconsin - Madison


1995 - 1995


Integrated Liberal Studies


TCP/IP Network Analyst