Keith Gonzales

Kings County, New York, US

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Business Development
Product Management

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First time founder

About Keith

About me: I have a PhD in behavioral neuroscience and I’m currently working as a scientist at Columbia University. I have connections in over 40 universities world wide, including big name scientists who are connected to Nobel Laureates. Previous to my science life, I worked in IT and I continue to keep my technology hobby alive. I’ve been online since 2400 baud modems and love the progression that we have made over the years.

About the project: This project will disrupt the whole process of scientific communications. When my idea is implemented, scientists will no longer just publish positive data, but instead, share raw data (positive and negative). Furthermore, I intend on connecting scientists from different fields to get a more holistic view on scientific data. Unlike typical search engines for science ( for example), my project will put a single data set in the context of all science, connecting cancer biologist with environmental scientists.
Why? Because if we start to pool resources, we can cure cancer, Parkinson’s and many other diseases. Science just needs some help organizing itself, and my company will help that process.
I’m looking for the following
1. Someone who has an understanding of scraping information and linking that information (similar to ).
2. A front end developer who thinks UX/UI is the most important thing ever. This site will be used by 19-75 year old scientists, so UX is critical.
Social media experience is a plus as this website will bring social media to science communications.

You: The top 5 things that I look for are attention to detail, relentlessness, consideration, motivation, and sense of humor. Personality is critically important and I wouldn’t start a startup without someone I genuinely enjoyed working with.


SUNY Albany

PhD, behavioral neuroscience

2010 - 2010

Cornell University and Rockefeller University

Post-doctoral fellow

2011 - 2011

Columbia University

Post-Doctoral Scientist

2013 - 2013