kellin haley

Los Angeles, California, US

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Business Development
Product Management

About kellin

My CoFounder and I are looking for a super savy developer to join our executive team. We have a platform that we built in less than 4 months and is about 90% complete. We have finished all of the work to date on freelance developers and managing the product ourselves. We have a great social following, great networking with some VC's, and a solid team of advisors from credible and successful startups.

We both come from biz backgrounds. I run mostly operations and the finance part of things, and my cofounder is a growth hacking guru. Really, he's the best I have seen in a long time. But unfortunately what we don't have is the ability to code... or code well enough. Its holding us back, and we need a team player who can commit to us!

What we need: and experienced developer who is obsessed with laravel/angularjs. Also hopefully a good understanding of AWS

Who we are: we are CityScout! ( check us out, and if interested, we would love to help answer any question you have.

We have equity, and we are willing to prove our value to anyone who is interested. We have a great thing going, and with the right technical founder, this thing will make big strides.