Kelly Ryan

Programming, Design

Toronto, Canada


Age Group


About Kelly

I am interested in helping an early stage company get through bootstrapping by contributing my hours as a software developer, product manager and UX/UI designer.

The industry of the project is not important, although I do have experience building HIPPA and PHIPPA compliant applications for use in healthcare.

What is important is the potential of the idea, how I can execute from a technology standpoint, and the fit between myself and my co-founder(s).

I am excited by the idea of people using and finding value in products I've helped build, and to this day greatly enjoy hearing how systems I've build have changed the courses of people's lives in both big and small ways.

I'm open to many ideas and would love to talk!


All events of wealth are precluded by process, a backstory of trial, risk, hard work, and sacrifice. If you try to skip process, you’ll never experience events. - M. J. DeMarco


Software MVP Specialist

Work Experience

Lead Developer

eQOL Inc

August 2013 - Today

During this endeavour, I took a healthcare product from wireframe to web application, mobile application, and paying customers. Every technical aspect of getting eQOL's solution up and running from a software/technology standpoint was mine to do.