New York, New York, US

Kelsey's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Kelsey

I have a well-developed idea and demo prototype. Looking for a technical co-founder to take the plunge with me. The general area of the business is publishing, and the app/service will offer plenty of technical challenges.

I have about 12 years of experience conceiving, designing, and managing digital products. I started in university libraries, then moved to IA/UX design and product management. I'm versatile but have particularly strong experience in media, publishing and education. Have worked with/for startups and global companies, and some in between.

I've also been a student of business and finance, and how startups are born and mature. I've read Steve Blank, Marty Cagan and Peter Thiel, and use elements of their approaches. I take a holistic view of business planning because, as you know, a good product will only be successful if people use it. So I am thinking about marketing and sales in parallel with product design and development.

I've been working through different startup ideas since 2010. I can't claim any spectacular successes, but a couple of things went live and I've learned from everything. The journey continues.