Kemi Oyesiku

Oakland, California, US

Grow, Travel, Learn, Be, Repeat
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Startup Experience

First time founder

About Kemi

In the planning stages of building a travel site for women of color 30+ to learn how to travel abroad safely.

I've almost 9 years experience as a front-end web developer. I'm an excellent writer. I am also, creative, curious, hard-working have a great sense of humor and a unique perspective on the world at of the reasons I enjoy travel and want to start this travel business.

I'm looking for a long-term business partner, not just a co-founder looking to make it rich in this start-up bubble just to sell at the highest bidder as soon as possible. While I want our business to be very profitable, I don't want money to be the driving force behind it. Looking for a business partner who has a knack for marketing (online, offline, social media) , has at least a rudimentary sense of how websites work (design and build) even if she doesn't know how to code or design, is open to sharing with me her knowledge of online marketing (and any other skills) as I am willing to share my knowledge of front end web development (and any other skills), and is as open to learning and growing with the business as I am.

Looking for someone interested in working in travel industry, who actually enjoys traveling, has a strong work ethic, is naturally curious, has a healthy sense of humor and is interested in building a business from the ground up and is a woman of color preferably.


San Francisco State University

Bachelors of Arts

2002 - 2002